Bids & Vendor Information

Sealed Formal Bids & Proposals

Large dollar goods and services are procured by sealed formal bids.  Currently, the City utilizes an e-bid platform through Quest Content Delivery Network (CDN). 

  • All available bids can be found by selecting the Bid Opportunities tab on the Bids and Vendor Information page.  
  • To submit a bid/proposal, a potential bidder must register with QuestCDN to obtain a user name and password.  
  • There is no fee associated with submitting a bid/proposal with City of Baytown.

Bid Opening

Bids/proposals will be opened at the date and time specified in the solicitation documents.  

  • It is the bidder's or proposer's responsibility to ensure that bids and proposals are updated to QuestCDN by the specified date and time. 
  •  Once bids/proposals have been reviewed and evaluated, they are then presented to   City Council for approval with the award going to the responsive bidder or proposer   submitting the best value to the City of Baytown.   
  • The successful bidder/proposer will be notified by award letter.

PO Terms and Conditions

How to Submit an E-Bid

Vendor Registration Form