Hiring Process

The hiring process from date of examination typically takes about 60 to 90 days. The steps for recruitment are outlined below. 

  1. Applicants must have a completed entrance examination with National Testing Network, with a passing score of 70 points. Applications received that do not have a completed NTN entrance examination associated with the City of Baytown, will result in an incomplete application and will be disqualified.
  2. Complete the online application. You must have your Texas Paramedic certification or be National Registered as a Paramedic as well as an active fire certification (through TCFP or eligible for TCFP through IFSAC reciprocity).
  3. Preliminary applicant screening (performed internally). Applicants that pass the preliminary applicant screening will receive an email invitation with a Personal History Statement packet to be completed. 
  4. Complete the Personal History Statement. This packet must be filled out correctly and completely and submitted by the specified date.
  5. Background investigation (internal)
    • A thorough investigation based on the responses in your interview, Personal History Statement and reference checks will be completed
  6. Preliminary Informational Session (virtual)
    • This virtual meeting is conducted between the candidate and the hiring committee members to thoroughly inform the candidate on specifics such as: the hiring process, job expectations and functions, pay, benefits, incentives, and any other questions the candidate may have.
  7. Interview panel (virtual or in-person)
    • Candidates are interviewed by a panel of current firefighters and fire officers
  8. Physical agility examination (Description)
    • If you have taken the Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT), you are eligible for exemption from the physical ability examination
      • Your CPAT scores are good for one year after your CPAT test date. The Baytown Fire Department will not be able to validate your CPAT score after that expiration date.
  9. Polygraph Examination
    • A polygraph examination will be administered by Baytown Police Department. You will be asked questions based off of your personal history packet, references, oral interview, and your background investigation.
  10. The Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief will interview you.
  11. Prospective job offer by the Chief
  12. Medical examination and drug test
  13. Offer of employment after successful completion of all elements