FY 21 Closed Solicitations

  1. Invitation for Bid
  2. Request for Proposal
  3. Request for Qualification

Invitation To BidClosedBid TabulationAwarded VendorContract Amount
CSP 22-1009 Baytown Area Water Authority Water Treatment Plant Filter Air Scour improvements11-18-21CSP 22-1009 Tabulation
Under Review
Annual Portable Toilet Rental11-17-21Portable Toilet Rental
Under Review
CDBG-DR Lincoln Cedars/Julie Ann Villa Drainage
10-26-21Bid Tabulation LC JAV
Mar-Con Services LLC$1,792,161.90
CSP 21-0519 Roseland Park Pavilion10-14-21Roseland Pavilion Bid Tabulation
Under Review
CSP 21-0838 Baytown Area Water Authority Water Treatment Plant Filter Air Scour Improvements10-14-21BAWA Filter Scrub Bid Tabulation
Bids rejected by City Council-will rebid
Annual Demolition of Residential Structures10-12-21Demolition of Residential Structures Bid Tabulation
Under Review
West District Wastewater Treatment Plant Second Feed10-7-21IFB 21-0625 Bid Tabulation
T Construction LLC$3,193,516.00
Annual Liquid Chlorine Contract9-29-21Bid Tabulation Annual Liquid Chlorine
Brenntag Southwest$244,400.00
Annual Cross Stitch and Slot Bar Replacement Contract9-28-21Bid Tabulation Slot Bar and Dowel Rod Replacement
interstate Improvements Inc$397,500.00
CDBG-DR Lincoln Cedars/Julie Ann Villa Drainage9-23-21Bid Tabulation CDBG-DR Lincoln Cedars/Julie Ann Villa Drainage
Bids rejected by Council-will rebid
Annual Asphalt Mill and Overlay Contract9-23-21Annual Mill and Overlay Bid Tabulation
Forde Construction Company$3,094,062.00
Annual Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Contract9-8-21Annual Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Bid Tabulation
Gold Star Petroleum$1,150,000.00
Annual Demolition of Residential Structures8-26-21Bid Tabulation for Annual Demolition of Residential Structures
Bids rejected by Council-will rebid
Neighborhood Street Reconstruction-Narcille/Colby - Rebid8-12-21Narcille/Colby Bid Tabulation
CMC Development & Construction Corporation LLC$1,921,587.50
Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Allenbrook/Edgebrook - Rebid8-12-21Allenbrook/Edgebrook Bid Tabulation
SER Construction Partners, LLC$2,894,387.70
Annual Installation and Repair of Traffic Signals8-4-21Bid Tabulation Annual Installation and Repair of Traffic Signals
Bids Rejected.  To be re-bid at a later date
Annual Hot Mix Asphalt Contract8-2-21Bid Tabulation Hot Mix Asphalt
Texas Material Group$140,000
Annual Frozen Foods Contract7-28-21Bid Tabulation Frozen Foods
Sysco of Houston$49,500.00
Water Tower Cleaning and Repair7-23-21Water Tower Cleaning Bid Tabulation
Bids to be rejected by City Council
Annual Mowing Contract for Parks and Recreation7-13-21Annual Mowing Contract for Parks and Recreation
Grant Smith Mowing$339,810.00
Neighborhood Street Reconstruction - Narcille/Colby7-1-21Narcille/Colby Bid Tabulation
Bids to be rejected by City Council
Neighborhood Street Reconstruction - Allenbrook/Edgebrook7-1-21 Allenbrook/Edgebrook Bid TabulationBids to be rejected by City Council
Annual Fittings, Valves and Meter Boxes Contract6-30-21Annual Fittings Valves and Meter Boxes Bid Tabulation
Ferguson Waterworks$234,663.29
Technical Rescue Equipment6-30-21Technical Rescue Equipment Bid Tabulation
Dooley Tackaberry$51,587.02
Annual No-Lead Brass Contract6-9-21No Lead Brass Bid Tabulation
Ferguson Waterworks$138,983.15
Annual Stabilized Sand Contract5-26-21Stabilized Sand Bid Tabulation
Mega Sand Enterprises$175,000.00
Structural Collapse-Technical Rescue Team Equipment and Supplies5-24-21Structural Safety Equipment Bid Tabulation
Municipal Emergency Services$72,127.67
Annual Mowing of City Facilities4-27-21Annual Mowing of City Facilities
NeoGlobal Enterprises dba Horticare Lawn $93,364.50
Janitorial Services for CJIS City Facilities4-21-21Janitorial Services for CJIS City Facilities
Del Sol, Inc$91,158.84
Janitorial Services for City Facilities4-21-21Annual Janitorial Services for City Facilities
Del Sol, Inc$88,133.64
Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester Cleaning4-13-21Central District Digester Cleaning Bid Tabulation
Magna Flow Environmental, Inc$194,000.00
Annual Nuisance Abatement Contract3-17-21Fixed Cost Contract-No bid tabulationHydrozone Landscape and McLemore Building Maintenance$275,000.00
Annual Sulfur Dioxide Contract3-10-21Sulfur Dioxide Bid Tabulation
DXI Industries, Inc$103,125.00
Annual Mosquito Control Chemicals 3-2-21Mosquito Control Chemicals
Target Specialty Products, ADAPCO, Inc, Clarke Mosquito Control, Veseris$187,000.00
Annual Food and Supplies Contract2-10-21Annual Food and Supplies ContractSysco of Houston$240,000.00
Demolition of a Commercial Structure2-3-21Demolition of a Commercial StructureGrant Mackay Company$22,150.00
2020 Annual Waterline Rehabilitation1-26-212020 Annual Water Line Rehabilitation Bid TabulationSKE Construction, LLC$1,000,000.00
Goose Creek Lift Station Rebid1-21-21Goose Creek Lift Station Bid TabulationLindsey Construction$4,761,106.00
North Main Street Pavement Reconstruction11-11-20North Main Street PavementInterstate Improvements Inc$530,750.00
Reconstruction of Rollingbrook11-11-20Reconstruction of RollingbrookAngel Brothers Enterprises$2,256,677.05
Goose Creek Lift Station11-11-20
Rejected BidsWill rebid at a later date
Annual Water Meter Valve Replacement Contract11-4-20Water Meter Valve Replacement Pricing SheetsC.M. City Solutions$120,000.00

Commercial Demolition of a Structure 


Commercial Demolition of a Structure
Grant McKay Company Inc.
Annual Fire Hydrant
Annual Fire Hydrant
Ferguson Waterworks
Annual Sludge Disposal
Annual Sludge Disposal
Sprint Waste Services, LP
West District Treatment Plant West Well Cleaning
West District Treatment Plant West Well Cleaning
Magna Flow Environmental Inc.
Annual Large Water Meter Testing and Repair
Annual Large Water Meter Testing and Repair
Southern Flowmeter
Annual Thermo Pavement  Marking
Annual Thermo Pavement Marking
Highway 1 LLC