Mosquito Control

For mosquito control complaints or requests for mosquito spraying, please visit the citizen self service portal and enter your request with the citizen request center tab.  To call in complaints or requests for spraying, please dial 281-420-5384.  

For area locations of disease activity, please visit the Harris County Mosquito and Vector Control Division to check areas of confirmed West Nile Virus samples and proposed treatment areas.

The proposed weekly treatment schedule conducted by the City of Baytown's Mosquito Control Division is Below.  Please click here to view which zone your neighborhood is in.  This schedule is dependent on weather conditions and may change without notice.  

Weekly Spray Schedule
Week   Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  Saturday
Sept 19th Sept 25th     1A, 5A 5B, 6A 2A, 3A 2B, 3B 4B, 6B 1B, 4A